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Our Manufacturing 

The energy-efficient products from Ayush Moulders Private Limited have high-performance servo motor control systems. The output power can be adjusted in response to variations in the loading, which lowers energy use and noise. During the holding pressure stage, the motor of our products rotates at a slower rate and is inactive. It brings forth a fresh revolution in injection molding technology.

Intelligent Control

In our Plastic Molding Machines, Injection Molding Machines, Plastic Products, etc., the repeatability of servo-hydraulic systems is significantly higher and can be reached at 30% compared to the conventional hydraulic power control systems. It effectively secures the product's stability and lowers the rate of defects.

Rapid Reaction

A servo-hydraulic machine responds far more quickly than conventional hydraulic power control systems. It can react in as little as 0.05 seconds. It significantly reduces cycle time and boosts production effectiveness.

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